Network Bra

  • Engineered for a body in motion, the Network Bra by Nux combines mesh detail with solid support. The lightweight design features soft shoulder straps and removable cups, while the mesh layout offers superb breathability and style.
  • Fabric Details: Microfiber Nylon/Spandex
    Light compression

    Fits true to size
    Model is wearing size small
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Size is perfect as is.
While I like the look of this bra, it offers little to no support for any type of medium activity. I would be hesitant to use this bra for even a light activity such as walking or yoga, which is surprising given its double construction of bra & mesh overlay.
I purchased this bra because it was listed in the medium support category; however, just walking in the house to try it on, my girls were all over the place. I also purchased a size smaller than the manufacturer's suggested bra size for my build so that it would ensure a more supportive fit; however, the bra still offered no support. This bra is more suited for lazy days around the house.
I am disappointed with this purchase & if this bra was properly displayed in the correct "light activity" tab, or if the description stated this bra offers light support not intended for medium activities, I would have been a more informed customer instead of a dissatisfied one. I wish Carbon38 would offer an efficient method of informing purchasers the support level of their bras. Perhaps have someone test out the support level of each bra that is offered for sale and state the correct support for various activities in the online description (i.e. bra support intended for walking vs jogging vs HIIT). I spent a lot of time reading each bra description in order to find the bra that would offer the support for my desired activity, & I still purchased the wrong bra based on poor advertising.
For reference, I'm 5'4, 107lbs, 32D, & I purchased a size XS.
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