Smart Rope Pure
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The Tangram Smart Rope Pure reinvents the quintessential cardio workout with a sleek look, thoughtfully designed handles that ensure smooth and effortless natural motion, and an adjustable length to suit your height. Sync your sessions with Tangram’s mobile fitness platform to help you track and improve your performance with accurate sensors, interval training programs, and competitions. After a 2-hour charge, the Smart Rope can be used for than 30 days of 1 hour-long workouts. Your favorite recess activity will never be the same.

• 45-degree rope housing and two sets of ball bearings in each handle<br> • Use Smart Rope PURE with or without your phone<br> • Stores up to 100 sets* of workout data<br> • Connect with the Smart Gym mobile app and stay motivated with interval training and by competing with friends<br> • Magnetic sensors attached to ball bearings track full revolutions of the rope as complete jumps<br> • Adjustable rope length<br> • Size: W30 X H150 X D30 (mm)<br> • Length: 300 cm<br> • Weight: 250 g<br> • Full charge in 2 hours, 45 hours of use<br>

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• Transparent design<br>

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